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Resizer 3-in-1 Insoles for skates

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An adjustable boot-sizing solution for kids who outgrown their high-end sport shoes quickly! The Cádomotus Rookie Resizer insoles are suitable for any hard sole sport shoes like inline skates and longtrack & short track ice speed skates, cycling shoes or ski boots!

Equipped with our exclusive Resizer Insoles - extending the usable life of your growing cyclists next pair of bike shoes!

Finally, an adjustable boot-sizing solution for young riders who outgrown their cycling shoes every season! Cádomotus engineers appreciate parents' concern over the expense of bike gear as riders continue to grow, that's why we've come up with an insole designed specifically for
road cyclists of mountain bikers. With our exclusive Resizer Insoles you create three sizes out of one pair og shoes, each fitting as snug and tight as the size before it. Designed in 3D for perfect integration with the hard sole shoe, our Resizer Insoles don't slip and slide like off-the-shelf insoles. They're designed with riders in mind. Their comfortable but rigid enough to transfer the pressure to the pedal. The rear part of the sole is designed to make the transition of the sole to the shoe liner as smooth as possible. And they're made for best fit, meaning they're tight in the shoe to avoid blisters. Total control, stability and economy!


Size 34: accommodates foot sizes 32,33 & 34
Size 37: accommodates foot sizes 35,36 & 37
Size 40: accommodates foot sizes 38,39 & 40

The stacking foundation of the Resizer Insole makes size adjustment easy & fast. No nuts or screws to strip, just strip the liner and skate. Each size reduction takes 6.66mm from the footbed, so you'll know exactly when to make the adjustment based on the tightness of the
fit. Once the shoes are too snug, it's time to Resize.

Stop reselling or trading bike shoes for growing feet, the Resizer insole is the right-priced alternative to take your cycling kids to the next level with quality, durability and intelligence.
Cádo MotusResizer 3-in-1 Insoles for skates

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